Support Programs

Specialized Programs of benefit to Seniors in our church.

There are times when Senior Adults, like other members of the church, would like access to specialized support groups. Some of the ones in our church are listed below.

Alone Together

Those who have lost a spouse sometimes would like a time where they can get together with others for fellowship and encouragement. Meetings and activities are scheduled periodically throughout the year that may include times of fellowship, entertainment, or edification through special speakers. They are all very informal. Call the church office to find when another event is scheduled.

Grief Support Group

If you need some assistance with loss, grief and coping with the death or loss of an individual to Alzheimer's dementia, please consider attending this group. The group is open to people of all ages. It meets the first Tuesday of each month, from 11:30am-1:00pm in the Parlor at the Downtown Campus. This group is supported through the Alzheimer's Association.

Widows Fellowship Groups

These groups focus on the needs of those who have lost a spouse. The make-up and focus of each group is unique. Call the Church Office at 864-967-8591 for more information.


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