Sunday School

The church offers many classes for our Senior Adults with a variety of class sizes and topics of study.

All classes shown are offered at the Downtown First Baptist Simpsonville Campus.

seniors-sundayschool-2The Sunday School Class (or C-4 Group) is a vital part of the church's ministry. Everyone can profit from the study of the Scriptures no matter what their age or experience. The Bible is necessary for the growth of the believer. In a church as large as ours is, the Sunday School class is the small group where you can get involved and meet people who share similar interests and desires for spiritual growth. The small church atmosphere is maintained in these small groups. Each class has areas of service and ministry in which they are active. Take time to get involved; you won't regret it.

8:45 am Senior Classes

 50s Singles 13 Jean Holland/Scott Ballew
 60s Coed Conference Room Dan Taylor
 60s Coed  243 Lewis Cooley
60s Coed 248 Ray Chambers
60s Coed MPAC Fred  Payne
All Coed 230 Kim Hamilton
70+ Ladies 103B Bertie Willis
70+ Men 103C Jack Powers
70+ Coed FLC 2 Bob Spencer
70+ Coed Parlor Hearling/Wall
70+ Ladies 102 R. Richardson

8:45 am Senior Classes

 60s Coed MPAC Jon/Judy Pristach
70+ Coed Conference Room Anderson/Bolanos
70+ Coed 103D Shelby Elliott
70+ Coed 102 Tom Rucker
70+ Coed 103C Rodriguez


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