Welcome to the webpage dedicated to news concerning our Pastoral Search Committee!

We hope you find helpful information as you look over this page, and we appreciate so much you partnering in prayer with us as we search for God's will concerning a new Senior Pastor.

Update 11/25/14

The Pastor Search Committee should complete our review of the resumes within the next two to three weeks. After narrowing the prospective candidates down to the top 5-10, we will be requesting additional information, listening to sermons provided by the candidates, and conducting phone interviews. After narrowing down further, the committee plan to visit the churches to hear "live" sermons, and conduct face-to-face interviews. We covet your prayers as we continue to seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you again for visiting our page and for your prayers!

First Baptist Simpsonville Pastoral Search Committee Members:

John Calvert

Sandy DeWitt

Lynn King

Kathy Murphy

Bram Porter

Tom Rucker

Sherri Wilson

2014 0000 Pastoral Search Committee 1


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