Men's Ministry

Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

Mens Fraternity

Come discover the true Biblical Definition of Authentic Manhood. Discover how you've gotten where you are in life and how to change direction to where God wants you. Learn how to better serve your wife, children and world around you. Accept nothing less than Gods rewards. Thursday mornings, 6am, College Street Cafe, Downtown Campus, beginning Thursday, September 11

Men's Addiction Recovery Support Group

Join a group of guys who are supporting each other through alcohol and drug addiction while holding one another accountable to live the life God has called them to and challenged them to live. Open to men of all ages. Facilitator: Bram Porter. Monday nights, 6:00-7:30pm, College Street Cafe, Downtown Campus


Study books by authors like Tony Dungy, John Maxwell, Bill Hybels, Francis Chan, Steve Farrar. Learn how to be an effective leader for the sake of Jesus Christ. Wednesday nights, 6:15pm, Room 204, Downtown Campus. Facilitator: Brent Cobb.

Men's Group

Open to men in the church and community. Thursday nights at 7pm- Contact Joe Tessari at

Monday Prayer Group

Join a group of men who boldly go before the throne of grace to ask our God for mercy and grace. Learn what it means to be a prayer warrior for the church. 1st and 3rd Monday mornings, 6:15-7:30am, Chapel, Downtown Campus.

28 Day Challenge/Accountability

Need a little lift in your spiritual walk? Be willing to experience a little spiritual 'boot camp'. Renew your relationship with God through the help of another brother. Become accountable for your walk with God. Various dates.

The Journey

Be connected to a mentor to lead you through the fundamental beliefs and sacraments of the church and Christian faith. Restore your life's foundation. Available any time, please contact us at  for more information or to sign up!


Become a coach and role model for young boys and girls. Teach them, confidence, teamwork, success in life through sports. Sports include Soccer and Basketball. Seasonal dates.

Call Help Center

Are you a handy-man? Sign up to be willing to help out a single mom or widow. Tasks include home repair, lawn care, outreach opportunities. Love and serve those that are hurting in the local community. Available any time, please contact Dan Taylor at  or the Call Help Center at 864-963-3334 to sign up to help!

Disaster Relief

Travel to locations where disasters have struck and economic relief is needed. Rebuild towns, homes and lives for the sake of Christ. Join a partnership with Samaritans Purse relief organization. Locations include, Johns Island, New Orleans, Nashville. Dates as needed, please contact Bram Porter at 862-8837 to sign up or for more information.

Music/Missions/Discipleship or RAs and GAs

Teach young boys and girls the precepts of the Christian life and how to become and obedient follower of Christ. Teach them about missions and serving others. Lessons are taught in large and small groups. Wednesday nights, 
6:00-7:20pm, Downtown Campus (Music/Missions/Discipleship) please contact Kathy Robinson at  for more information or to get involved; RAs and GAs is on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm at the West Campus please contact Donald Thomas at  for more information or to get involved!

Mission Trips

Be obedient and step out in faith to travel to another state or country to build churches and schools, provide medical care and spread the gospel. Locations include: Mexico, Honduras, Haiti and many others. Various dates, please visit our Missions page for more information or contact Tony Eubanks, Minister of Evangelism/Missions at .

Ironman Outdoors

Join other believers in their passion for hunting, fishing and getting away from the real world to get closer to God. Seasonal dates.

Men's Event

A Friday night/Saturday morning event. Take time out to fellowship with other believers and be encouraged in your walk with Christ. October 10-11, 2014


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