JOY Fellowship


Joy Fellowship is the fellowship activity of Senior Adult Ministries. One of the core values of our church is that we support and encourage each other (Fellowship). All activities are open to any Senior Adult in the church.

According to 1 John chapter 1, fellowship with God and with others is one of the primary benefits of the Gospel. A Christian who does not pursue fellowship with other believers has a spiritual deficiency that needs to be corrected. Our JOY Fellowship Program has been a mainstay of this church for years, providing multiple fellowship opportunities for Senior Adults.

From the montly luncheons, to multiple travel choices, to games and other social and service times, men and women regularly come together to build each other up and to rejoice in our fellowship with the Father. There is so much you can receive and contribute by being an active part of this group! We have over 200 actively-involved Senior Adults!

Fellowship is a core value of our church, part of our DNA. Don't miss out on what God has provided and don't let a neighbor or friend be deprived of the opportunity to fellowship with others. We were born againi to be in fellowship according to the Gospel. Pursue fellowship and pursue it with JOY!

seniors-joyfellowship-eating-smThe JOY Fellowship luncheon meets monthly (the third Tuesday of each month) in the MPAC center at 12:00 noon. The last couple of months we have had nearly 150 people in attendance! Following an incredible pot-luck luncheon we just have a good time together. A program may include an informative speaker, a musical presentation, or some fun activity.

JOY Fellowship also plans and conducts many social and travel opportunities. Upcoming activities include:

  • Bible Study- The Shepherd Psalm- a new Bible study that will meet the first, second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 12:00 noon in the Hospitality Room at our Downtown Campus. We will be looking at Psalm 23 for a 12-week series. Handouts will be provided. You can bring lunch and eat while you study! The series provides an in-depth look at one of the most familiar passages of Scripture, showing how it is valuable for most areas of our Christian walk. Folks of all ages are welcome!
  • April 12 & 26- Hidden Creek Knitting Project- 10:00am, Hospitallity Room, Downtown Campus
  • April 19-Joy Fellowship- 12:00 noon, MPAC building, Downtown Campus. We will enjoy fun music on steel drums, and hear more about upcoming summer plans!
  • May 5- Game Day- 1:00pm, Hospitality Room, Downtown Campus. Bring a snack to share your love of good, wholesome games!

For information on any travel or other special activities, contact June Elsey at 289-0996 or Julia Meeks at 967-9715.



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