Who We Are


Who We Are

FBC is a Conservative Southern Baptist Church which supports and works with the Cooperative Program. Our Vision and Value Statements serve to help define us in faith and practice. We are a body aimed at producing missionaries to serve every sector of our society.

What We Do

We are a missional church, meaning we exist for the world, not only our own membership. Evangelism locally, nationally, and internationally is accompanied by discipleship. Prayer is the foundation, with values of worship, ministry and fellowship supporting the top two. Every program, activity, or project should support this purpose.

Why We Do This

Churches are very numerous around us. Why are we unique? We have the advantage of being a mega-church that operates and feels like a small church. Attendees have access to the quality, resources, and programs of a large church with the delivery system of a small church.

Our Vision

To love and follow Jesus fully, so that others are drawn to Him.

Our Values

  • Prayer is our foundation.
  • We unite to experience God. (worship)
  • We support and encourage each other. (fellowship)
  • We are growing to be more Christ-like. (discipleship)
  • People matter to God and therefore to us. (ministry, evangelism/missions)

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