Who We Are


Baptists come in many flavors and are not all the same...

As a denomination, Baptists come in many shapes and sizes. Currently, there are over 80 separate Baptist denominations in the United States and the diversity is surprising. For example, Primitive Baptists ardently defend predestination; so do Regular Baptists and Reformed Baptists. But Free Will Baptists believe just the opposite. Swedish Baptists and German Baptists live primarily in the Midwest; Northern Baptists (who later became American Baptists) held sway in the northeast. Southern Baptists began in the south and still have their largest numbers there.

National Baptists are primarily African-American. Conservative Baptists and Fundamentalist Baptists pride themselves in their strict adherence to "the faith once for all delivered to the saints," while the Alliance of Baptists delights in diversity and nonconformity. There are even those who call themselves Cooperative Baptists, which to some must sound like an oxymoron...and the list goes on.

In light of this diversity, what kind of Baptists are we at First Baptist Church Simpsonville?

We are Baptists who believe in spreading the Gospel here in our home town, across the US and the world. We are a missions centered church. We are concerned about knowing Jesus Christ and making him known to others.

Our Vision

To love and follow Jesus fully, so that others are drawn to Him.

Our Values

  • Prayer is our foundation.
  • We unite to experience God. (worship)
  • We support and encourage each other. (fellowship)
  • We are growing to be more Christ-like. (discipleship)
  • People matter to God and therefore to us. (ministry, evangelism/missions)

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