Kingdom Cause II

We are nearing the halfway mark in our Kingdom Cause II.

By any measure, we have seen God's faithfulness manifested through all of you as we steadily make reductions to eliminate our debt. Not long ago we saw our debt obligation at $10,500,000. As of January 15, 2013, that amount was $5,384,385 and falling.

From time to time, we have posted a graphic that depicts are steady march to debt freedom. We began with 280 blocks of "red" representing our total debt. Each block was assigned a value of $37,500. Each time we reduced our debt by that amount, the red color turned "green". At our current pace, we are seeing a red block turn green every 21 days. That deserves an Amen and Praise the Lord!

Click here to see the Kingdom Cause II debt elimination graph.

One of our main drivers in our desire to eliminate our debt was to redirect that debt service money into spreading the Good News Story of Christ's love and grace beyond the walls of our church. That outreach is both local and global. Each one involved in giving to Kingdom Cause II has an opportunity to assign 10% of the giving to this mission outreach. Even as our debt is coming down, a portion of that giving is seeing a mission impact.

Our Kingdom Cause II prayer continues to be that God...

  1. will help us stay faithful to our financial commitment.
  2. would lead others to join us in this cause.
  3. would allow others to see His love through our actions.

Thank you so very much for joining us in this journey!

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