Help Ministries

We all find ourselves in need of a little extra help now and then.

Forever Family

Our mission is to provide a Christ-like, loving family to every child God entrusts to us.

Support Groups

Our support groups meet for the purpose of encouragement and accountability. We have groups that meet for substance abuse, grief support, widows, loss of a child, and divorce care.

Call Help Center

The purpose of the CHC is to assist church members of all ages with small needs that arise on a temporary or periodic basis that cannot be met by the member due to health or age-related issues beyond their control.

Christian Counseling

Pastoral Counseling has been defined as a relationship of caring between persons which embraces both being and doing. It is being with persons in pain as well as working with them to heal, to reconcile, and to alleviate their pain.


The First Baptist Prayer Ministry is an organized ministry of prayer for others based on the belief that God accomplishes His purposes through intercession.

Literacy / English as a Second Language

Classes are free. Registration is required.

Court-Appointed Visitor Program

A guardian-like, visitor program for vulnerable adults who have been declared wards of the court and no longer have their court-appointed guardian.



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