Reasons to Believe Presentation: Noah's Flood

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This month's Reasons to Believe presentation topic will be Noah's flood and will be Monday, May 19, from 7:00-8:30pm in the Choir Room at our Downtown Campus.

The focus of this talk is to show that Noah was a real person and had a real ministry to the culture of his time.

With the release of the Hollywood movie, how do we dispell misinformation and engage our culture with reasons to believe?

There are many proponents of atheism that use the flood as proof that the Bible is myth.

Many of these people are prominent spokespersons at universities and are having a significant impact on our culture.

What is the importance of the flood? Why did God send a flood?

Who were the Nephilim? Where did they go? How did they come back?

If it took 5 oceans of water to cover the mountains, where did it all go?

Did all the salt water fish or all the fresh water fish die? How did they come back?

Only 4,000 species could fit on the ark. There are 8,700,000 species on the earth today. How can this be?

We will attempt to answer these questions and many more in order to strengthen the faith of believers and give unbelievers reasons to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Bring a friend or a co-worker who may be skeptical of the Christian faith.

Location : Choir Room/Downtown Campus


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