First Baptist Simpsonville
Child Enrichment Center

Our Child Enrichment Center here at First Baptist Simpsonville is a non-profit center licensed by the Greenville County Department of Social Services.

CEC-science-class We are licensed to care for 331 children from ages 8 weeks to 5th grade afterschool. We have been providing quality child care to the Simpsonville area for over 15 years.

We offer a wide variety of services for our families including full-time care, preschool, afterschool pickup and care and summer camp. Full-day care services are available for ages 8 weeks to private K-5. We also offer preschool from 8:30-12:00pm for ages 3 and 4. Our afterschool program services 5 local elementary schools: Simpsonville at Morton Place, Plain, Bell's Crossing, and Bryson.

We pride ourselves here at FBSCEC in providing the highest quality of care. We are able to do so by limiting our class sizes as well as our teacher-child ratios. By succeeding in these two areas, we are also able to limit our rate of teacher turn-over. We strive to give our children the loving care and guidance they need to be successful in their formative years. We are a Christian education program and we want the children to know that God loves them. Our Christian staff members teach the children about Jesus and the Bible. God gives parents and teachers the awesome responsibility of nurturing the children He has placed in our care. More and more, the need is growing for a place where children can receive care in a Christian environment by dedicated teachers while their parents are working. FBSCEC is privileged to be able to meet that need.

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